To get flying quickly I decided to buy a complete plug and play MCDU from Flight Deck Solutions.

The first surprise was finding that the PSOne screen was NTSC rather the PAL, I did not have an NTSC option with the graphics card I had intended to use (A Radeon AIW which is good for TV). I found that an ATI 9250 has the NTSC option and I got the display working on that. It's not fully satisfactory however as the system starts up in PAL and only changes to NTSC when the system has loaded, this means that diagnostic work in the boot up phase can only be carried out by putting another monitor on. I will think about changing this screen at some point.






I then decided to buy a second unit but FDS were no longer offering this standard which was very frustrating. I have therefore bought a kit from Open Cockpits to make the second unit. I have also got a small stock of PSOne screens (PAL this time!!)

I bought a USBKeys card from Open Cockpits.

I decided to modify the Open Cockpits concept to backlight the switches, this added a further148 connections to the back in addition to the 296 switch connections, another rat's nest !


Finished unit


All inter-switch wiring complete and screen mounted.


Screen circuit board in place



Two fully working MCDU's