Latest Pictures

Recent visitor George who is 15 and keen on flying


First trials with 180 degree vision.
Much easier taxying!
The camera takes a narrow angle shot of the side
screens; the matching is much better with the head in the centre!



Kowloon October 2014



Andy Comfort is a presenter on Radio Humberside
We had a fun morning in the sim



Some shots of grandchildren flying

Nobody noticed this engine out until opening up for takeoff and the aircraft slewed off the runway.

A 1910 simulator with motion system


New stewardess uniforms for Kensett Air

Is this the simulator of the future?




Mike Baker is a sim builder from Manchester - we had a fun day together


Click here to see one of my favourite videos of the A320 in action.



I had often wondered where the Vatsim controllers sat - - - - !

London City final approach

Cold and pretty dark

Roof panels and aft bulkhead fitted


Grandson flying



Kaitak Approach
Overwing shot



Some videos

Video "Teaching my Grandson to Fly"
HD version if you have a fast connection

Video "Alex Flying"


Called on Jim Allen (BAL 82A) to fly his 737; a fun morning!


Darren Sugden's A320 Simulator (MON 257)


One of my "friends" likes to make funny pictures