20th May 2007 the pedestal is starting to take shape

The box is 9mm birch ply with the top edge thickened to 15mm. The recess is for the chart pocket.

The rear box is bolted to the forward box.


The Aft Pedestal Panels

More information on the rudder trim and park brake panels here

The Flap Lever panel - more information here


The Rudder Trim Panel


The Audio Control Panel - more information here


The ECAM Panel - more information here


The MCDU - more information here









The Pedestal

The back lit panels with the exception of the radio tuners were obtained from Flight Deck Solutions. At the time of purchase they were not supplying the radio tuners and these were bought separately from a Swiss sim builder. The power lever assembly is my own manufacture as are the flap and spoiler lever mechanisms.

The pedestal structure is birch plywood, the aft section is bolted to the forward section which in turn is bolted to the MIP.

The MCDU is an FDS "Plug and Play" unit, a second one has been built using an Open Cockpits kit as FDS no longer make this standard.

Inside the pedestal are three Open Cockpits interface cards, one Master Card and two Display Cards. Some of the connections (e.g. the encoders) are carried forward to the FDT cards in the MIP structure.


The general effect is starting to appear, the throttle sits lower of course but a couple of notches needed to drop it down!

The MCDU is too wide to fit on rails, I mounted it into a stirrup at the front end and the rear rests on the cut short rails. The red outline is where the MCDU fits

The lighting plugs for the IBL panels will often foul the rails and cutouts are needed, When the hardware is fitted to the panels I would guess that more cutouts will be needed


The power lever assembly ready to fit - more information here


Spoiler Lever Panel - more information here

The Engine Start Panel - more information here


The TCAS Panel - more information here


All Panels Fitted

Radio Management Panel - more information here



General View in the Assembly Shop - July 2007

A start has been made on the side pedestals
More information here