The first layout of the panels


Closeup of some of the switches

Battery voltage indicators fitted, still needs a mask


LED's and backlighting all powered up


The aft overhead panel has been completed and in addition to the lighting it incorporates two custom panels, one for refuelling and the second for pushback control


Panels Mounted and Switches Fitted

The frame is wood covered in leathercloth


Back view ready for wiring


Wiring the overhead.

The FDS SYS1 card comes complete with connectors and wire tails, these are spliced into the wires coming from the switches and the LED's


Nearly finished

Three interface cards are in use, the centre one is the FDS SYS1 card which handles all of the LED's (not all of the board is used) and 64 of the switches (the maximum this card can handle). The right hand card is the Open Cockpits Master Card which has the capability for another 72 inputs (not all used) and provides the interface to the Display Card on the left which drives the Battery Voltage and fuel indicators in aft overhead.

The Master Card shares the USB interface card with the other Master Card in the pedestal.




Aft Overhead